I’ve made the switch…

21 12 2012

Come follow my new **customized** layout!!!!


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DIY Laundry Detergent

9 12 2012

For the past few months I have been making my own powdered laundry detergent.  I just go so sick of buying the kinds you can get at the store; they are overpriced.  My DIY laundry detergent costs me about $10-12 every batch, and each batch can last me 3-5 months.  Remember, I washing clothes for seven people right now.  We do about 10 loads a week not including biweekly bedding washes or the stuff I have to wash randomly throughout the week (dog beds, shower curtains, window curtains, ect.), and this detergent lasted for 3 months.  I don’t really know what else I could say to anyone to convince them to just give this a try.

The performance isn’t something I’d brag about from the rooftops.  It’s not Tide, to say the least.  I’d say its comparable to smaller brands like Purex.  You’re still going to need to pretreat heavy stains, but I think if you turned the detergent into a paste or liquid, worked it into the spot and let it set a bit before washing the staining would come out easier.

If you look on pinterest you will see a lot of different recipes for DIY liquid laundry detergent.  I’m sure this is an effective option, but I am a mom of three, a full-time student, the only housekeeper for the most part, and a volunteer.  I’m busy, and often don’t want to spend extra time boiling ingredients or whatever you have to do for the liquid type.  My powedered detergent took me 10 minutes to make including grating 3 bars of soap.

Keep Reading to learn how to may your own laundry detergent.

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Quick FYI, Upcoming Changes

5 12 2012

I am slowly making the switch to blogger.  I am not happy with wordpress.  Especially the requirement to pay money for extra customization.  It may take a while because I want to get it set up just right before I make the official switch, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up that it will be happening soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Baby Eli {EB Awareness}

3 12 2012

Maybe you remember my post a little while ago about Baby Eason Friedel.

Maybe not.

In any case, its happened again.

Another soul has been born into this world with searing pain.

Meet Baby Eli.  He’s EB’s latest victim.

Born on November 27, 2012.  Look at the date of this post.  Not even a week old.

The skin has two layers; the outer layer is the epidermis, and the inner layer is the dermis. In individuals with healthy skin, there are protein anchors, called dermal papillae, between the layers that prevent them from moving independently from one another (shearing). In people born with EB, the two skin layers lack the protein anchors that hold them together, and any action that creates friction between them (like rubbing or pressure) will create blisters and painful sores..

Donate to Baby Eli

The Butterfly Fund



Gift Ideas for Lance 2012

2 12 2012

The season is just flying by.  I’m loving it, but really I can’t wait for it to be over!  End of year holidays are exhausting!

The next person I need to shop for is my wonderful husband, Lance.

My husband is a difficult person to shop for.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  He doesn’t have hobbies and is interested in very few things.  But if I get him something he doesn’t want, I swear he takes that as a sign of offense.

So, what does he like?  Whiskey, video games, weaponry, and television.  Sometimes he likes gadgets as well.  I don’t really know what to get him, so I’ve just complied a list of things that I think are cool and hopefully he’ll like one of them to.

Click to see what gifts I am considering for my beloved.

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Gift Ideas 2012 for Little Bear

25 11 2012

My Little Bear turns two 10 days before Christmas.  It’s crazy!  I cannot believe how quickly time flies.  It feels like I just birthed him a few days ago.  Now he’s my little mischievous, darling, sweet boy.  Just this afternoon we were snuggling on the couch when Lance tried to kiss him and Little Bear said, “No! I’m snuggling my mommy!”  Insta-tears.  He just really is something special.

For Christmas I wanted to get him toys that he would really love.  This is my third toddler, so shopping for him at this point is kind of… well, boring, to be honest.  I’ve seen it, heard it, and played with it all when it comes to this age group.  So my focus was to find toys that I could handle hearing and playing with for a whole year.

Click to see what gift ideas I have for my Little Bear.

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{recipe} Irish Steak, Yum!

22 11 2012

i made this awesome dish a couple nights ago to surprise my husband. It would have been a great meal except he got called back to work right as I was serving the meal. Yet another reason I can’t wait until we are finished with the military.
.:sad face:.
Any way, the picture definitely does this recipe service. The meat is tender and the taste is completely out of this world. A few words of caution: Don’t turncthe heat up too high or you’ll cook to onions too quickly.

Keep reading for the how to.

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