Easy Fish Tacos.

10 01 2012

My husband and I love to make fish tacos.  They are delicious and nutritious.  When making tacos we use corn tortillas and fry them in oil to make them a hard shell taco shape.   I don’t like the store bought hard taco shells.  Our way tastes much better.  These tacos are so good that even my boys will finish them on their grumpiest day without complaint!  They are very simple to make.  The hardest part is learning to fry the shells properly, but that will come with time and practice. My fish taco recipe can be altered to fit you taste preference, so you’ll notice that I don’t have exact measurements for what you’ll need.  I think this would be great for an easy weekday meal, or to serve buffet style at a gathering of any kind! 

You will need:
  • corn tortillas
  • cod fish
  • sour cream
  • salsa of your choice
  • cilantro, fresh would be best
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • vegetable oil
  • shredded cheddar for topping
  • shredded lettuce for topping (optional)
  • onion for topping (optional)
1.   Start broiler and place place oven rack on highest setting.  Rinse fish and pat dry.  Place in a baking dish, lightly coat with olive oil and top with salt and pepper to taste.  Place fish in broiler until tops are brown and fish flakes easily with a fork.  Shred fish to be easily stuffed into a taco shell.

2.   Heat small amount of vegetable oil in a shallow pan on medium-high heat.  Using a tong of some sort, grab one tortilla at a time and place half of it in the oil to fry.  You want to fry it until the tortilla starts to bubble and brown just a bit.  Be careful not to under cook or over cook.  When the first side is finished frying, release the un-fried side into the oil and grab the fried side with the tongs, pulling it out of the oil.  hold the tortilla in the shape you want it to be.  If done right you should be able to make them harden into the shape you want them to be.

3.   Mix a tub of sour cream and 1/2 cup of salsa together.  Taste it and add more salsa if you need to.  Remember, this is one of those recipes that you make to your taste preferences (not that all recipes aren’t like that).

4.  To assemble you just grab a shell, put some of the fish in and put toppings of your choice on.  Enjoy!




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