A {Cheap} Laundry Makeover

6 08 2012

Since most of the hard labor is done throughout the house, and we have finally fallen into a pretty regular routine, I felt it was time to start adding the finishing touches to my home. I started with my laundry area in the work room because I spend the majority of my time there and felt it needed a facelift first.

As you can see from the pictures, the laundry room was cluttered, disorganized, and an “eye sore” as my dad puts it.  In my defense, the kids and I had just gotten back from a mini vacay, and this was our laundry form it.  Don’t judge, okay?!
I spent a total of $3 on the blue baskets at from the Dollar Tree.   Everything else was stuff I had lying around the house. 


First things first, I started the laundry!  After that I set to organizing the cabinets.  I painted those ugly containers I found in the garage with some left over paint.  Then I printed some labels for them.  One has scrap fabrics and the other holds light bulbs.  Next I printed labels for my mini laundry baskets.  They have laundry supplies, mismatched socks, and lint from the catcher.  On the top shelf I just put the extra things that are too big for a basket.  Extra detergents, ironing supplies, extra bleach, fabric softener, vinegar… the usual laundry supplies.    

After that I decided that I need some sort of laundry station.  Since I don’t have any tables laying around I decided to just use the ironing board.  Its not like I ever use it for its intended purpose anyway.  I pushed the swivel chair over there just so I can be really lazy and easily watch the boob tube whilst folding. 

A few more things will be changed eventually. For example, after I run out of laundry detergent (which will take less than a month), I will be making my own! So all of those ugly bottles will be gone. All you will see is a basket that holds the things needed for the detergent, jars with my detergents, some vinegar, and bleach. 
So that’s my improved laundry area.  Its much more functional now, and less of an eyesore.  Although it would be nice if I could somehow conceal that water heater. 



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