A Day in the Life

9 08 2012

The past twelve hours have been interesting. As I type this I am sitting at Madigan Army Medical Center. My three year old, Prince L, was bitten by our dog. Against my better judgement I decided to not take him to the hospital right away. So of course the single puncture wound got severely infected.


This picture was from last night. Looks bad, but in person it wasn’t bad enough for me to be overly concerned.


This was taken right before I took him to the emergency room. You can clearly see the change in color, which in and of itself is more than enough cause for concern, but what you can’t see was his overall lethargy and how the area was HOT to the touch. He needed to been seen quickly!

However, once we were at MAMC, the staff didn’t seem to think he was all that important because we waited for another full hour after being triaged. It wasn’t until I pointed out the rapid increase in swelling and the pink spreading to his eye that they became alarmed.

Now here I am kicking myself for not following my instinct and taking him in straight away. Instead, I followed the advice of two idiots men who don’t have an ounce of mothers instinct. Had I listened to myself, the hospital staff said he would have only needed an oral antibiotic. Instead he is on a “super” antibiotic through his IV.

Prince L's antibiotics

This is one of those times that I hate being right.

In any case, he’s been examined by ER docs (4 to be exact), optamology, neuro, he’s had a CT scan, and we’re just ready to relax.


This is the most recent pic. You can already see the swelling going down!!! I was told that he could be in here for 24 hours to 2 weeks, depending on how his body fights the infection off. After seeing such quick improvement from only one round of antibiotics, I’m hopeful we will be out of here by tomorrow night… Friday afternoon at the latest.

Knock on wood.




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