Old Window = Wall Art

23 08 2012

A few days ago I showed you a sneak peek of projects to come. I finished one of them and I’m so excited to share it with you. I found and old window and there were a few things I would have liked to done with it. I thought about making it into a to-do for my boys but decided that it wouldn’t feature the window as much. I also thought of making it into a family portrait frame but let that idea go quickly for a few reasons. Finally I settled on making it into a piece of wall art to hang above my headboard when I finish making-over my room.

I feel like a prettied up old window will be perfect because its large enough to make an impression, but aged enough to add a bit of rustic cozy feeling to my room.

This is the window when I found it. I estimate it to be about 60 years old. It was in horrible condition. Set inside a garage to age and get filthy. But I could see through it.

I started sanding it down to remove the splinters and excessively flaked paint. I was careful to not remove all of the old paint though. It took me about two days to sand it to where I wanted it to be, but it was enjoyable to watch the beauty shone through as the layers of old turned to dust.

When I was finished sanding I felt that the wood and paint were too close in color and decided to add a bit of stain. I chose a darker stain because I wanted both the wood and old paint to be featured equally.

The final step was to just add a light coat of polyurethane. I did this to preserve the wood and prevent future splinters.

This is the finished product.  As you can see I just took some paper and decorated each pane.  Overall I am satisfied with it.  Given more time, I would have done something more with the “O” but I’m not sure what.

This whole project totaled $10 which was spent on the purchase of the paper I used to the letters and background.

I’m thinking about selling projects similar to this.  I’m sure I could create custom pieces; it’s not like to don’t do it for myself all the time.

What would you pay for something like this tailored to your style?




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