Olympia Farmers Market Spotlight: Honey Bear Farm

26 08 2012

Welcome to my very first Olympia Farmer’s Market Spotlight!

Today’s Feature is Honey Bear Farm. Honey Bear Farm makes pure raw honey available for purchase. I’d love to spend a ton of time talking about how delicious their honey is, but its honey–either you like it or you don’t. Honey Bear Farm also offers honey sticks, pollen, in season fruits, year round vegetables, eggs, and novelty items for purchase.

What really caught my eye about this vendor is their candles. They had a huge assortment of candles, which are 100% beeswax, and they are all just adorable!

My first favorites were the small ones pictured below. So simple, yet so stunning.

These Christmas tree candles were my second favorite item from Honey Bear Farm. I think they would make the perfect display to add to my buffet table during the holidays–never to be burned of course! Too sweet for that!

If you are interested in learning more about Honey Bear Farm and their products you can check them out at the Olympia Farmer’s Market or email them at Ivan@honeybearfarmolympia.com




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