My Kitchen… It’s Awful!

16 09 2012

THIS is my embarrassment of a kitchen. Yes, I know. I know. Not only is it just ugly, something I can’t do much about, but it’s also disorganized and inefficient! How uncharacteristic of me!!

Okay, okay. All sarcasm aside, my kitchen really is a thorn in my side. I dread showing it to people because of how it looks, and I just don’t really cook in it because of its inefficiency. Believe it or not, I actually prefer the small workspace. Everything is just closer this way, but without master organization its awful.

I’ve just shared the room I’m most ashamed of. I guess this is my motivation to get started organizing this sucker. Stay tuned!

What room in your home are you embarrassed to share?

Do you have any suggestions for my kitchen?




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