John Ward, we are looking for YOU!

30 10 2012

According to Lance’s birth certificate, you were born in DC.  You were 25 at the time of his birth in 1988.  Your middle name is Robert.  You had Lance with Melissa Hillman, and his two little brothers Roger Von and Jared James.

You left before Roger and Jared could even have a concrete memory of you.  Lance remembers you though.  He doesn’t know what happened to you but he would like to.

Where have you been, John?  Why haven’t you come back?  Is your heart so cold you don’t care about your sons?


A New Routine

28 10 2012

Good Evening from the circus!

If you remember last week, I posted about being overwhelmed due to the lack of structure we have formed around here.

Well, I am happy to say that the pity party has ended!!

I finally stat down and figured out our routine.  What I came to realize is we did have a routine, it just wasn’t a very good one.  So I added a bit of specifics, structure, and some discipline to it and this is what I’ve got.

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It makes me sad…

28 10 2012

It makes me sad that it is currently October 27th, and we haven’t gone to the pumpkin patch.  All those missed photo ops!

Why couldn’t we go this year?  Luckily, the weather has been crappy here in the Pacific Northwest with pretty nonstop rain so that’s the excuse we gave out kids.  In reality we didn’t go because we simply couldn’t afford it.  We are so broke this year it’s ridiculous.  I haven’t even been able to afford a winter coat for the boys.  Worry not, I’ll be headed to Goodwill at some point, but in the meantime, I’m flat broke.

I just wanted to get some cute pumpkins, carve them up, and get some fabulous pictures in the process.  Oh well.

I Gotta Admit…

22 10 2012

I haven’t been the best blogger… in reality I haven’t been the best mother, student, wife, or friend either lately.  I can’t figure out exactly what has gone wrong, but I think its a combination of having Connor, starting school full time, and combining households with my Dad.  I just never really sat down and worked out how I would manage all of my responsibilities daily without losing it.

Well I did lose it.  Not go get on meds lose it, but I did screw up in school a bit and I have slacked in many of my duties.  For instance, I just don’t cook anymore.  It came down to choosing between hanging with my kids or cooking dinner.  Luckily I have my Dad here to back me up and I haven’t gone down in a blaze of failure.

So here I am, coming out of my depressive phase and I am ready to get everything back on track.  So mothers, students, homemakers combined,  How do you schedule your days?


3 10 2012

School started again, and my courseload is INSANE. 

Our landlord is trying to break our lease because he “really just misses his house.”  We have 9 months left on our lease.  I can’t believe it.  We are getting an attorney to fight it, obviously, but who messes with a family like that–especially a family who has 3 little kids to raise. 

I’m tired and cranky and would kill for a vacation in the tropics somewhere.

So, until I get my life back in order, blogging will be on the backburner for a while. 

I’ll be back readers, don’t miss me too much!