I Gotta Admit…

22 10 2012

I haven’t been the best blogger… in reality I haven’t been the best mother, student, wife, or friend either lately.  I can’t figure out exactly what has gone wrong, but I think its a combination of having Connor, starting school full time, and combining households with my Dad.  I just never really sat down and worked out how I would manage all of my responsibilities daily without losing it.

Well I did lose it.  Not go get on meds lose it, but I did screw up in school a bit and I have slacked in many of my duties.  For instance, I just don’t cook anymore.  It came down to choosing between hanging with my kids or cooking dinner.  Luckily I have my Dad here to back me up and I haven’t gone down in a blaze of failure.

So here I am, coming out of my depressive phase and I am ready to get everything back on track.  So mothers, students, homemakers combined,  How do you schedule your days?




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