A New Routine

28 10 2012

Good Evening from the circus!

If you remember last week, I posted about being overwhelmed due to the lack of structure we have formed around here.

Well, I am happy to say that the pity party has ended!!

I finally stat down and figured out our routine.  What I came to realize is we did have a routine, it just wasn’t a very good one.  So I added a bit of specifics, structure, and some discipline to it and this is what I’ve got.

7:30 Amber

  •   wake up
  •   shower
  •   get dressed
  •   do make up

Dustin should be awake, dressed, and eating Breakfast…

if not WAKE HIM UP

  •   Check his backpack
  •   Gather weather gear
7:55 Dustin Goes to Bus
8:00 Amber, Luke, and Connor eat breakfast

  •   Take Vitamins
8:30 Lukeus and Connor

  •   Get dressed
  •   Brush teeth and hair
  •   Make beds
9:00 Luke and Connor watch sesame street

Amber tackle to-dos

          Unload dishwasher

          Tidy up kitchen

          Pull out meat for dinner

          Let dogs out, clean litter box

          Check animal’s food and water

          Empty full laundry baskets

          1 load laundry in washer

          Fold clothes in dryer

          Make calls, check calendar, check email

          Unload full baskets

10:00 Go on walk, weather permitting.    If not, find project—NO CARTOONS!!
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Lay Connor down for nap
  •   Tidy up kitchen from lunch
  •   Luke free time till I’m finished
2:00 Luke and Amber do abcmouse.com
3:00 Connor wake up
3:30 Dustin gets home from school

  •   Small snack
  •   Dustin change clothes
  •   Dustin homework or quiet time
  •   Check backpack
4:00 Start dinner
5:00 Dinner time
6:00 Free time, Dustin must have homework checked before he can run off to   play
7:00 Pick up time:

  •   Pick up
  •   Dishes
  •   Take out trash and recycling
7:30 Luke and Connor bath
8:00 Luke and Connor bed time; Dustin take shower, lay out clothes for   next day, gather up necessities for next day
9:00 Dustin bed time
9:30 Amber homework!
11:00 Amber, get in bed!!!!!!!


  1. This does not apply to weekends.
  2. Errands, appointments, etc.  should be done between 9-12 OR 3-5

So thats our schedule, thus far.  I paired that with this simple routine app.  Its called simple routine, and  name says it all.  I have tried plenty of similar apps that have all sorts of bells and whistles (like this one and this one) but I found them to be too complicated to get started and too confusing to keep using.  I quickly deleted them, and I don’t usually delete an app I pay for!  What I like about Simple Routine is that it’s just simple yet effective.  So basically, I added key points throughout my day and set the alarm.  Now, whenever its time for something… say Dustin to go to the bus, an alarm goes off.  The only downside to using my phone is the damn thing dies ALL the time.

The only downside I have found to this so far is the pressure I feel about it sometimes.  For instance, on days that I have class I get home and see that no one has followed the routine.  Inside it kind of makes me mad, but I can’t say anything about it.  So I have to remind myself that its not worth anger, just pick up where you are on the schedule and move on.

Okay so enough rambling….

What does your daily schedule look like?




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