Gift Ideas 2012 for Little Bear

25 11 2012

My Little Bear turns two 10 days before Christmas.  It’s crazy!  I cannot believe how quickly time flies.  It feels like I just birthed him a few days ago.  Now he’s my little mischievous, darling, sweet boy.  Just this afternoon we were snuggling on the couch when Lance tried to kiss him and Little Bear said, “No! I’m snuggling my mommy!”  Insta-tears.  He just really is something special.

For Christmas I wanted to get him toys that he would really love.  This is my third toddler, so shopping for him at this point is kind of… well, boring, to be honest.  I’ve seen it, heard it, and played with it all when it comes to this age group.  So my focus was to find toys that I could handle hearing and playing with for a whole year.

Click to see what gift ideas I have for my Little Bear.

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{recipe} Irish Steak, Yum!

22 11 2012

i made this awesome dish a couple nights ago to surprise my husband. It would have been a great meal except he got called back to work right as I was serving the meal. Yet another reason I can’t wait until we are finished with the military.
.:sad face:.
Any way, the picture definitely does this recipe service. The meat is tender and the taste is completely out of this world. A few words of caution: Don’t turncthe heat up too high or you’ll cook to onions too quickly.

Keep reading for the how to.

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Peasant Bread, Take 1

18 11 2012

Its not very often I come across a recipe that makes me excited.  Okay, since discovering Pinterest it is kind of often, but I don’t usually make anything.

Well last night I was browsing my Pinterest and homemade bread seemed to be a pretty recurring pin.  With winter rolling in swiftly it’s really not surprising.  Anyway, a couple of the pictures caught my eye but this one gained my full attention.

I’m sure you understand why.

The problem is, I haven’t exactly mastered the art of bread making.  There is only one other bread recipe I have cooked before, and it’s not a perfected art.

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Gift Ideas 2012 for Stud Muffin

11 11 2012

So pretty much that means the season is going by far too quickly!

A few days ago I posted about gift ideas for Bubba, so today I think it’s Stud’s turn for Christmas browsing.

Stud is turning 4 in December.  He is all boy, but he is just starting to learn what his interests are.  Because of this, my goal for presents is to get him a wide array of items that will encourage him to discover his interests further.  However, he is at this really awkward stage in toys.  He is still interested in toddler and preschool toys, but he is starting to like big boy toys as well.

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Presidential Elections 2012

8 11 2012

Obama is the President of the United States of America again.

Let me be honest.  I suspect that no actual change will occur.  At least, no changes in the current lives of American citizens.

At the end of this term, the National debt will be pretty much the same, if not drastically larger.  The economy will still be in its recession.  The rich will still get richer, while middle class American’s will be just barely floating–if even that, and the poor may still qualify for public assistance–although there no guarantee of that either.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Bubba

5 11 2012

Bubba is at a really cool age.  First of all, his independence is a mother’s dream, his helpfulness (on most occasions) is unmatched, and his compassion is inspiring.  Most of all, the toys for this age group are just better.  Long gone are the days of blocks, ABCs, 123s, and a throbbing headache for mom.  Of course they have been traded for the days of stepping on legos and back talk, but I can deal.

So first of all, my son is a builder.  I slyly encourage him to be an architect or engineer.  What do they call it?  Subliminal messages.  He really has a natural talent, and I encourage him to head in this direction without telling him to do it.  Its working… but only time will tell how well it works.

He’s also a total boy.  He loves all things gross–so long as he doesn’t have to eat it, he loves baseball, outer space, the military (especially WWII era), and Star Wars.

While looking for Christmas gifts for him this year I really wanted to encourage his natural talents and interests even further.  I have found quite a few really flippin awesome ideas!

Keep reading.  You’ll be amazed at what is on the market and not offered at Wally World, Target, or any other major retailers.

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Baby Easton Friedel

2 11 2012

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Baby Easton was born August 23rd, 2012 at Auburn Memorial Hospital and immediately his parents knew something was wrong. He was missing skin on most of his limbs, covered in scary, deep red, open wounds. He came out screaming violently, his weak five-pound, fifteen-ounce body shaking because of the unbearable pain. Auburn Memorial hospital had never seen a case like this so he was transferred to Crouse, where the doctor had only seen 2 in his entire career. Baby Easton was unable to even take a pacifier for comfort because the friction of it against his skin left his lips blistered immediately…so they had to put in a feeding tube and his mom will have to pump instead of nursing him. His pain was eventually controlled with a combination of morphine and Tylenol, and he is on antibiotics to try to prevent infection from his many open wounds. He is getting new blisters from being cleaned after he goes potty…and needs to be medicated to tolerate the pain of cleaning him up. Changing his bandages is also extremely painful and calls for more morphine.  The doctors are talking about moving him from NY to Cincinnati Children’s hospital.  He is the worst case they have ever seen.–Support Baby Easton Friedel

Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare genetic skin disease.  There is a defect in the connective tissue of the skin and mucous membranes.  This defect causes the skin to be delicate.  THe slightest friction, as slight as a baby moving his arms around, causes sever blistering all over.  Even in the mouth, stomach and esophagus.
The blisters are at great risk for becoming fatally infected.  The relentless blisters often to blindness, infection, disfigurement, disability and dehydration.  They have been compared to third degree burns.   Eighty-seven percent of babies born with EB die within the first 12 months.
It’s unimaginable the pain baby Easton, and many others, go through.  I can’t even bear the though of what baby Easton’s family is going through.  This was their fourth child.  I’m sure no one ever dreamed a genetic disorder possible.
Baby Easton’s medical bills are quite extensive and will not go down when he is released from the hospital.  He will need his special bandages each month costing about $10,000 each month, of which insurance will cover only $1,500.
Please, please spread awareness so that this disease is brought to light and we can find a cure.

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