Holiday Gift Ideas for Bubba

5 11 2012

Bubba is at a really cool age.  First of all, his independence is a mother’s dream, his helpfulness (on most occasions) is unmatched, and his compassion is inspiring.  Most of all, the toys for this age group are just better.  Long gone are the days of blocks, ABCs, 123s, and a throbbing headache for mom.  Of course they have been traded for the days of stepping on legos and back talk, but I can deal.

So first of all, my son is a builder.  I slyly encourage him to be an architect or engineer.  What do they call it?  Subliminal messages.  He really has a natural talent, and I encourage him to head in this direction without telling him to do it.  Its working… but only time will tell how well it works.

He’s also a total boy.  He loves all things gross–so long as he doesn’t have to eat it, he loves baseball, outer space, the military (especially WWII era), and Star Wars.

While looking for Christmas gifts for him this year I really wanted to encourage his natural talents and interests even further.  I have found quite a few really flippin awesome ideas!

Keep reading.  You’ll be amazed at what is on the market and not offered at Wally World, Target, or any other major retailers.

1.   Bag of Science

I chose this because I think Bub would really enjoy the science of it.  It has over 70 scientific activities include erupting a 30′ geyser, finding the iron in your cereal, making water disappear and more.  The experiments teach chemistry, physics, climate, biology, and magnets.  I suspect that D would have a hard time doing these experiments alone, but that’s OK because I would have SO MUCH FUN doing them with him!

2.  Wind Power 2.0

Here is a gift that I was super excited to find for Bub.  It is a kit that enables you to build your own wind powered generators.  These generator will charge rechargeable AA batteries, which can be used to power the model vehicles you build–which the kit supplies all of the parts for as well.  So this would teach D engineering, renewable energy, plus allow him to have some fun playing.  This one is a high contender on Bub’s Christmas gift list!

3.  Any one of the Erector sets.

I haven’t added a picture here because I can’t decide which one to get for Bub.  This is a really cool gift idea, but its not one of the coolest I have found so I haven’t spent much time looking.  I think Papa may get one of these for him, but then again, who knows.

4.  Red Night Planetarium Projector

Bub loves all things outer space.  This mild obsession stemmed from his love of Star Wars.  I don’t discourage this interest because there are many interesting facts to be learned about space.  I chose this as a gift contender because of his love for space, but also because he is mildly afraid of the dark.  I think this would help ease his fears, spark his interest, and allow for me to get my childhood teddy bear lamp back from him.

5.  Contraptions – 200 Plank Set

This is a gift that Bub will most definitely be getting.  It’s super cool, everyone in the house will have fun helping him build it.  It teaches architectural design, employs engineering skills, and teaches physics basics.  Bub will absolutely LOVE this toy… and it’s better than Legos.

6.  Dragon Ninja Warrior Set

My boys love to play fight.  There is no doubt about it, but I do not like them playing with guns.  Don’t ask me why, I just don’t like it.  So I try to purchase them alternative play weaponry for them.  They have to get it out somehow, right?  This is on Stud’s list as well.




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