Gift Ideas 2012 for Stud Muffin

11 11 2012

So pretty much that means the season is going by far too quickly!

A few days ago I posted about gift ideas for Bubba, so today I think it’s Stud’s turn for Christmas browsing.

Stud is turning 4 in December.  He is all boy, but he is just starting to learn what his interests are.  Because of this, my goal for presents is to get him a wide array of items that will encourage him to discover his interests further.  However, he is at this really awkward stage in toys.  He is still interested in toddler and preschool toys, but he is starting to like big boy toys as well.


This is a Spiderman Folding Scooter.  Prince L would really like this.  He’d be able to ride his scooter with D, but ti wouldn’t be hard to balance and he might be able to keep up!


This is LEGO Builders of Tomorrow.  L is really starting to become interested in Legos.  He sneaks into D’s room and steals his and build all sorts of cool ships and stuff.  We got him a starter kt of Legos for his 3rd birthday and they were are huge hit for him.  They were a big hit.  We are considering it again, although us grown ups kind of hate them.


Dragon Ninja Weapon Set

I hate it when my boys play fight.  But I always hear “they’re boys, they’ll do whether you like it or not” so I try to be lenient.  I’m getting this for both L and D for one reasons:  they wont fight over it if there two sets!


Oh joy, more Legos.


These Safari binoculars are pretty cool.  We live in 2 acres of forested property and one of our favorite activities is to go exploring while C is napping and D is at school.  We have experienced all sorts of cool things:  a woodpecker, natural streams, mushrooms, deer so close you can touch them.  L would really like these binoculars because he would be able to see things and learn about them that I wouldn’t normally be able to tell him about.


Ok, it’s no surprise that I love science kits.  I don’t know why but I think they are absolutely awesome to do with my kids.  They learn without knowing that they are learning.  We spend time together and make memories.  I get good blog material.  It’s all fun.  I really like this one for L because it deals with colors.  I think it is the perfect science kit for a kid who hasn’t yet started preschool.


Gears, Gears, Gears!  I am considering this toy as an alternative to legos, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be as much of a hit as legos are.  It’s still in the running for now anyway.


I Spy Preschool Game.  Bubba loves these books.  Stud Muffin wants to love them, but gets really frustrated very quickly.  I think this game would be the perfect middle ground for everyone.  As long as I supervised them playing it, I think that it would be FUN game for them that also teaches attention to detail.




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