Gift Ideas 2012 for Little Bear

25 11 2012

My Little Bear turns two 10 days before Christmas.  It’s crazy!  I cannot believe how quickly time flies.  It feels like I just birthed him a few days ago.  Now he’s my little mischievous, darling, sweet boy.  Just this afternoon we were snuggling on the couch when Lance tried to kiss him and Little Bear said, “No! I’m snuggling my mommy!”  Insta-tears.  He just really is something special.

For Christmas I wanted to get him toys that he would really love.  This is my third toddler, so shopping for him at this point is kind of… well, boring, to be honest.  I’ve seen it, heard it, and played with it all when it comes to this age group.  So my focus was to find toys that I could handle hearing and playing with for a whole year.

Click to see what gift ideas I have for my Little Bear.

1.  Buzz Lightyear & Woody!

Little Bear loves Toy Story.  None of the other boys really got into this Pixar movie.  So Lance and I decided to get him Buzz, Woody, & maybe even the movies for his birthday.

2. Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

Now I’m not a brand whore.  In fact, I’m probably the farthest from that label you could imagine.  However, we’ve purchased from this particular brand several times and I have been very impressed with the quality and durability of these toys.  Melissa & Doug will forever be a go-to brand for toddler gifts.

3.  Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling

I picked this for two reasons:  a. its ADORABLE.  b. bowling seems like a good indoor activity for the many rainy days we have here in the Pacific Northwest.

4. Melissa & Doug Latches Board

I chose this Latches board for Little Bear because I feel like it would really spark his interest and challenge his mind.  However, it does make me a little nervous.  I’m worried that this board might also teach him to be a little escape artist.. or worse yet, a pro at breaking and entering.

5. Mr. Messy by Roger Hargreaves

This book reminds me of my Little Bear, so I’d like to purchase it for him.

6.  Pull Along Dog

7.  Water Whistle

We recently got rid of most of our tub toys because they were growing gross stuff inside.  So bath time isn’t nearly as fun as it used to be.  I’m trying to slowly replace them.  I think tihs will be fun for Little Bear.

8.  Bongos

Little Bear LOVES music.  Like, reeeeeealllyy love love LOVES music.  Every year I try to get him a musical gift because I want to encourage musical growth in him.  We don’t have drums yet, so I think these will be a good addition.

9.  Farm Sound Blocks




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