Its that time again…

1 11 2012

Halloween is officially over.  You know what that means….

Christmas shopping.  

Never have two words ignited such anxiety and stress.

If you are anything like me, then you do not like the idea of paying full price for ANYTHING.  I get it, believe me.  Who wants to pay some high over-inflated price for something when you know that there has to be some kind of deal online?

Something I hate even more than paying full price is Googling for a coupon code, thinking I have struck gold, only to find out that the code isn’t valid.  I’m not the only one this happens to!
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Happy Halloween!

1 11 2012

Happy Halloween!

I had such a busy day and I am So glad its over, but it was fun while it lasted.  I didn’t go all out this year.  Actually, I haven’t since I started going back to school, but you know what?  Look at those faces.  The happiness that radiates from each of them reminds me daily that they don’t care if I am super mom, the perfect mom, wonder woman or anything else.  All they want is a mom who loves them unconditionally, wants to know them, and is always there for them when they need me most.  I give that to them and they are happy.  That is all I want for my loves.  I couldn’t be happier today because I know they will each have fond memories of trick-or-treating in the rain 2012… Well D will anyway.  😉

By the way, I tried to be a crazed mom today.

How do you think it turned out?