Gift Ideas for Lance 2012

2 12 2012

The season is just flying by.  I’m loving it, but really I can’t wait for it to be over!  End of year holidays are exhausting!

The next person I need to shop for is my wonderful husband, Lance.

My husband is a difficult person to shop for.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  He doesn’t have hobbies and is interested in very few things.  But if I get him something he doesn’t want, I swear he takes that as a sign of offense.

So, what does he like?  Whiskey, video games, weaponry, and television.  Sometimes he likes gadgets as well.  I don’t really know what to get him, so I’ve just complied a list of things that I think are cool and hopefully he’ll like one of them to.

Click to see what gifts I am considering for my beloved.

1.  Whiskey Lovers Set

Skip the ice and serve your drinks on the rocks (literally). The included soapstone cubes were designed by Andrew Hellman, a big fan of single malt scotch, who wanted to chill his spirits without diluting them. After much research, he came up with the idea of using natural soapstone to chill drinks. Due to their softness, the stones won’t scratch the glass and have the ability to retain temperature for extended periods of time. The set includes six whiskey stones and two elegant sipping glasses, designed at complementary angles. Hand-polished using a Japanese optical lens compound, the glasses’ wide mouth and short profile are ideal for small quantities of high-quality whiskey. Simply chill the stones. Add three to your drink, let stand for five minutes and enjoy.

Lance would enjoy these.  He’s not a connoisseur of whiskey by any means, although I’m sure he would be if he could afford a hobby, and he doesn’t really bitch about his whiskey at any temperature.  It doesn’t matter though, I think this gift would be something he really enjoyed.

2.  Herban Men’s Shaving Set

Lance is in the military so he has to shave almost every day.  Never have I ever heard a man whine so much about shaving!  And yet he can’t stand the feel of his man mane after about a week of not shaving.  In any case, I thought he might enjoy the task a bit more if his daily shave was more luxurious.  He always talks about those shaves you can get from barbers with a straight razor, and how much he loves them.  I cannot do that for him.  He wouldn’t trust me enough, and I certainly don’t trust myself to do it.  This is the best luxury shave I could get for him so I hope he likes it.

3.  Carafe Set with 4 Shot Glasses

Yea, I’m starting to feel as though I encourage alcoholism….

4.  Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Replica

If you aren’t a fan, you wouldn’t get it.

5.  Bumper Cars

Because inside every man lies a little kid.

Plus the boys would love playing this to!  Is it wrong to encourage a little bonding time?!




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