I’m Amber!!

I don’t really have an expertise, or a niche that I will be writing to you about.  I’m a mother to three little boys, an army wife, and a full-time student.  So my plate is pretty full.

When school is in I put a lot of emphasis on structure:  routines, time managment, organization.  The things that make life run smoothly so you don’t have to waste an extra minute.

When school is out, I am a much more interesting person.  I like to craft, bake, sew, garden, preserve food, ect.  The point is I enjoy spending my free time doing things that promote self-sufficiency.  I’m no doomsday prepper, but I’d probably survive an apocalypse.

Beyond that, I’m into a bit of everything.  Beauty, budgeting, baking, exploring the world, social networking, volunteering, learning about different lifestyles, hanging with the family, dancing, singing, rock shows….. like I said, I’m into a bit of everything!

Anyways, this is just the personal blog of a chick with too many interests, too many roles, too much work to do, and NEVER enough time to do it all.  If only sleep was optional.

Questions? Comments?
Contact me: mrs.ahillman@gmail.com


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