Gift Ideas 2012 for Stud Muffin

11 11 2012

So pretty much that means the season is going by far too quickly!

A few days ago I posted about gift ideas for Bubba, so today I think it’s Stud’s turn for Christmas browsing.

Stud is turning 4 in December.  He is all boy, but he is just starting to learn what his interests are.  Because of this, my goal for presents is to get him a wide array of items that will encourage him to discover his interests further.  However, he is at this really awkward stage in toys.  He is still interested in toddler and preschool toys, but he is starting to like big boy toys as well.

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An Update on Stud Muffin {and a minor vent}

14 08 2012

The before and after pretty much speak for themselves, but I thought I’d give you a photo progression of his healing.

Day 1

Day 1:
This was taken while we were still in the emergency room. You can see the swelling accurately, but the inflammation and redness actually looked worse in real life. Too bad I can’t show you how hot and smelly that cheek was!


Day 3:
Swelling and redness have clearly all improved by this point. This was after he awoken from sleeping close to 24 hours straight.

Day 7:
Need I say more?

I’m so happy my little one is doing so much better. It doesn’t look like there will be a major scar there either. And if there is, thank goodness he is a boy!

Now I have to vent. Its not often that I get bitchy and moany, but when I do I have to let it out. Right now I feel as if my boys are in the hospital more often than most. I realize that this time was for an infected injury, but believe me when I tell you that they have been hospitalized several times for illnesses. I just don’t understand why at least one of them gets hospitalized at least once a year. We are healthy people. We eat right, we exercise, we take multivitamins, blah blah blah. We are not dirty people. I clean my house and my children practice good hygiene. So why do they always end up so sick?!!! Check this. I know this girl. We used to be friends, but aren’t anymore. Anyway, she has four kids. She smokes in the house, feeds them meat and potatoes or chicken nuggs and fries daily. They dont get out of the house. They dont take any sort of nutritional supplements. They are around less than savory people daily. Seems like a recipe for disaster, right? Guess what, not a single one of her kids have ever been hospitalized. Its just mind boggling. GAH!